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Can I install my siding vertically?

Yes if you choose the Tiago model. As for the Timberland, installation can only be done horizontally.

Do I need special tools to do the installation?

You can cut your siding with any type of mitre saw. Screws used for installation must be 1 1/4” stainless steel (screw number 8)

Will my siding unglue over the years?

Around 1% per year up to a maximum of 15% over 25 years.

How do I calculate the  square footage and accessories that I need?

You will need to calculate the perimeter of your wall, which is the length multiplied by the height. Subsequently, you must deduct the perimeter of your windows , doors and other coverings on the wall you will be installation your siding. To your final number, you should add 10% to account for loss resulting from cuts. As for the accessories, you will need a starter molding (bottom of the wall), ”J” for the contours of the windows and the top of the wall, drip moldings above your windows and doors and exterior and interior corners depending on the angle of your wall.

Do I need to calk the joints?

No. The panels fit together perfectly creating seamless joints.

What is the maintenance of this type of siding?

Simply washing with a garden hose will suffice.

What is the warranty on my Rialux siding?

We offer a 25 year warranty on any manufacturing defect.

Where can we see the color of the product?

It is possible to come and see the products at one of our distributors or your can order samples directly on the website. These easy and free color samples will allow you to see the color options in real life. Our portfolio of completed jobs can also inspire you for your project.

On what types of surface can we install your products?

On wood framing (16 inches center to center) or on metal framing (16 inches center to center).

Are your products weather resistant?

Rialux products are made from 100% aluminum so they will not rust. The products are composed of 3 layers of high definition wood effect paint and are covered with a protective layer against UV rays.

Will the installation take a long time?

Rialux products install 25 to 30% quicker when compared to other sidings, due to their unique linking system. In addition, they are 33% lighter than other types of materials.

How much do your products cost?

The cost of projects in which Rialux products are installed varies from one to another depending on the model chosen and the surface to be covered. We can assure you that Rialux products are judged to be very economical considering the return on investment over the years

You have questions about our products?

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