You are an exterior cladding installer and working in the construction industry?

Discover the many advantages of Rialux aluminum panels!

Rialux advantages

100% aluminum – Will not rust. Caliber thicker than metal.

Most natural wood grain effect. 25 year color warranty.

Inventory readily available.

150” long panels (12′ of coverage in 1 single piece). Lightweight – 60lbs per box of 100-110 square feet.

All shades of color in the same box. Full range of accessories available in the same colors.

Unique color identifiers with a protective plastic film.

Easy installation. 25% faster to install with click lock system. No special tools required.

Each panel of the Timberland and Tiago collection is equipped with a clip system for additional stability. The ClipSecur system allows for a 25% faster installation than with other panels of this type. Rialux panels do not require any tools for installation, unlike metal panels, for example. The installation of screws is easier and faster because the panels fit into each other. Temperature changes do not affect the stability of the panels.

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